1. Investment and Funding Solutions
  2. Management
  3. Oil and Energy

Investment / Funding Solutions

Wales Global Limited brings a unique vision that will revolutionize the way businesses/companies think their funding and capital development strategies.

Energy, Oil and Gas

Wales Global Limited embraces a code of ethics/professionalism that enables us to engage with high calibre connections/partners within the Energy, OIL and Gas industry.  Engaging seller with buyers and investment to this industry.

Oil Products

. Jp54, D2, Mazut 100, 

. Ago, Gasoline, Petroleum Coke

Investments, Debt Loans

Debt Loans from 1 million USD to 500 millions USD, larger amounts upon request. Projects in Energy, Real Estate, Sea Ports, Refinery etc.


  • Russian Export blends Crude Oil (Rebco)
  • Base Oil SN 150
  • Base Oil SN 500


  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Liquefied National Gas (LNG)