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Investment / Funding Solutions

Wales Global Limited brings a unique vision that will revolutionize the way businesses/companies think their funding and capital development strategies.

Oil and Gas

  Authorised Seller Mandate of products of LukOil, Russia.

  • SCO will be provided to genuine buyer.
  • ICPO - Irrevocable corporate Purchase Order from buyer.

Life Learning

  1. Online degrees, master degrees, PHD.
  2. Low costs, work and study, Oil and Gas Industry specializing, other industries.
  3. Partner with University to offer these degrees to interested potential students.


Wales Global Limited are proud to announce Hazel J Hill been appointed as mandate/sales representative for LUKOIL Russia on a 5 year partnership for the company.

Energy, Oil and Gas

Wales Global Limited embraces a code of ethics/professionalism that enables us to engage with high calibre connections/partners within the Energy, OIL and Gas industry.  Engaging seller with buyers and investment to this industry.

Oil and Gas


  • Buteman - 60/70
  • Buteman - 80/90


  • Mazut M (100) 10585-75
  • Mazut M  (100) 10585-99


  • Automotive Gasoil (Ago)
  • Gasoline 87/89/93
  • Petroleum Coke


  • Russian Export blends Crude Oil (Rebco)
  • Base Oil SN 150
  • Base Oil SN 500


  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Liquefied National Gas (LNG)