New Investment Partners

We are Fiduciary Agents, Fund Manager for the following partner companies.

  1. Brunel Loan Development company, Houston, USA.
  2.  Emirate Investment PJSC, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Real Testimonials

Our clients and partners will be giving their real testimonials here for you to read.

Current Deals

Project owner wanting funding investment, with 10% min ROI


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Dayspring Commodities Ltd, London, UK

FAQs Investment and Funding

  1. Are there upfront fees? - The Investment partners do not charge any upfront fees.
  2. Are there any application fees? -  These are to third parties. like Lawyers and Insurance companies for the collateral bond.
  3. What are the main information for funding? -  ROI need to be minimum 10%.
  4.  What other information you need to understand? - There are procedures and applicator must understand International Funding Terms.