Business Development


Business Strategies

  1. Business Development.
  2. Business Overhaul.
  3. Business Structuring.

Business Development

Wales Global Limited Inspires and innovate business Ideas , that requires development from start to finish, while giving critical business overhaul.

Business Structuring

Wales Global Limited prepares and overhauls business plans for opportunity to engage investment funding for projects, that will improve the local economy, and bring much employment and ROI.




  1. Investment and Funding Solutions
  2. Management
  3. Oil and Energy

Investment / Funding Solutions

Wales Global Limited brings a unique vision that will revolutionize the way businesses/companies think their funding and capital development strategies.

Energy, Oil and Gas

Wales Global Limited embraces a code of ethics/professionalism that enables us to engage with high calibre connections/partners within the Energy, OIL and Gas industry.  Engaging seller with buyers and investment to this industry.